Recollect LA

The message sits within the prefix re. Meaning again and again, Sydney Bright’s choice to name her Instashop Recollect LA seems appropriate, as her love for vintage clothes stems from a desire to repurpose, refurbish and re-wear items where character and style are pre-included.

At its most romantic, shopping for vintage pieces is an opportunity to reinvent backstories. Acquiring a diverse old wardrobe of sorts makes me feel like I am exercising a special kind of creativity—an artistic use of color and shape coupled with an academic grasp of history and fashion.

Black velvet corsets, straw bags, soft knits, structured blazers and funky printed dresses are among the timeless pieces in her collection. You can shop Sydney’s Instagram in the link above, and stay on the look out for more items—she updates all the time.

Photos taken by recent film graduate @joshworldpeace and styling by @sydneybright from Revolve.