Thigh Highs

It's an odd thing, but in this last semester of college I've begun to establish new routines for myself. You'd think by this point I would have grown exhausted of Gambier, Ohio but I'm continually finding new stimuli. (My haircut has definitely helped, too, in terms of pushing me forward toward new ways of dressing and styling.  After swooning over pictures of Brigitte Bardot's bangs for literally two years, I took the plunge and got some face-framing bangs of my own. Even though the change is relatively subtle it has totally changed my outlook on clothes and makeup). Over the past few weeks I've been in the habit of getting breakfast every morning before class (often alone) and writing in my journal, I've been going to sleep extremely late during the week, and Friday afternoons have been spent making art with Lauren and Charlotte. The three of us have devoted more time to collaborative art projects and most recently we have been taking advantage of the lighting studio and the art building's plethora of available cameras. 

I borrowed Charlotte's thigh high boots and stripped down into my favorite blazer and mustard yellow button-up for this series of images. I have been really drawn to combinations of mustard and black lately, especially when the mustard is silky and the black is boxy and structured. Pics taken by Lauren

Blazer (h&m); Blouse (MinimalismVintage); Boots (Similar)