Stripes and Plaid and Wicker and White

Today is like any other summer day in Ohio, except for the fact that it is late September. From the discomfort of my stuffy bedroom (I have no air conditioning and it is inexplicably 91 degrees outside), I have spent the past week scrolling through street style blogs, looking at outfit photos from NYFW.  A few trends emerge` amid my catalogue searching--plaid pantsuits, statement earrings, the color red--although none of them excited me as much as the one I decided to try below: clashing patterns. NYFW attendees were captured wearing outfits that incorporated various patterns and applied a layering of textures into one look. Perusing Collage Vintage I saw that women in New York were pairing gingham pants with graphic T-shirts, and plaid skirts with paisley button-downs. 

Although I would be hesitant to wear bold patterns like floral prints and polka dots together, it's easier to create a modern look by clashing subtler patterns, like stripes and plaid. I found this brown plaid blazer for $3 at a Goodwill in Mt. Vernon, Ohio, and I bought this wicker basket from one of my favorite Instagram bloggers, Courtney Crews.

Button-down, blazer, skirt, and shorts (Goodwill); Shoes (Who What Wear); Basket (Instagram)