Summertime in Tobi x Cheap Tulle Collab

This summer I have been trying to experiment more with layering, fun patterns, and new colors. Since I’ve started working at Brandy Melville I can’t say I’ve been completely converted into a tube-top wearing beach girl but being around scrunchy crop-tops and cutoffs all day has lead me to try some interesting layering combinations.

Here are three of my favorite summer outfits that have one common denominator, Tobi. If you’re familiar with the fast fashion website it’s probably because at some point you’ve been online looking for a plunging bodysuit to wear out or searching for a particularly trendy piece, (i.e. a fringe kimono or an off-the-shoulder top). If you haven’t heard of the site, I would recommend it as a great place to look for cheaply priced, outfit-making pieces, like this short sleeved romper I have so loved this summer. Whether or not you're into wearing bodycon dresses and plunging necklines, both of which I am not, the website has a lot of cute options that will inspire you to layer creatively and get touch with a more “statement” version of yourself. Be sure to shop my looks below! 

Romper (Tobi); Sunglasses (Crap Eyewear); Shoes (Zara). 

Sunglasses (Vogue Eyewear); Shirt: (Tobi); Vintage Levi's (Shorts); Shoes (Zara). 

Blouse (Pixie Market); Dress (Tobi); Bag (eBay); Shoes (By Far).