L.A. Woman

Drive through your suburbs/ Into the blues, into the blues

On the first morning of my summer commute, which involves taking the LA Metro east and walking a few blocks to Los Angeles’ Pacific Design Center, I couldn’t help but feel the urge to listen to “L.A. Woman.” Morrison’s lyric about a “lucky little lady in the City of Light” certainly resonated with me as I took the elevator up to the sky lobby where I was met by the kindest, most stylish people at Who What Wear. After spending my spring semester networking with fashion industry mentors I’d met through working in New York last summer and applying for various jobs in the industry, I was offered a fashion editorial summer internship at Who What Wear. If you aren’t familiar with the company, it's a website under the Clique Media Group umbrella that publishes content about accessible, shoppable fashion trends. The site is a really great place to look for outfit inspiration, information on celebrity style, runway shows, and sales. As an editorial intern, my tasks thus far have mainly included brand and market research, trend tracking, uploading digital content to the website’s CMS, and I’ve also gotten the opportunity to pitch my own story ideas. My Photoshop skills (which oscillated somewhere between minimal and non-existent upon starting this internship) have also improved a great deal over the past week.

Inspired by “L.A. Woman’s” recurring line “Driving through your suburbs/ Into your blues,” I decided to spend my Sunday afternoon exploring the neighborhoods of Westwood: seeking out azure walls while wearing these high-rise cropped blue jeans. One of the best parts about dressing for the summer is getting to wear white, and, as you can tell by this outfit, I have not been holding back when it comes to bleached accessories. From my new Crap Eyewear vintage-inspired sunglasses with yellow and white trim to these pointy patent boots-- I am here for it this summer.