Vintage Instagram Shopping

Over the years it’s been interesting to see social media platforms diverge from their original function as they bend to meet the creative— and in the case of Instagram, entrepreneurial— inclinations of their users. ( I’m still not sure whether I find it inspiring or concerning that Snapchat is credited as a semi-reliable news source these days). Instagram has evolved from a place where middle school girls once posted grainy selfies and blurry, ill-lit photos of cheesecake and bagels to a space where people can sell products and achieve relative levels of fame and notoriety. Thanks to the “Explore” tab, which I never utilized until a couple of months ago, the app has become a completely new source of fashion inspiration for me.

More than just a place to look for innovative outfits, Instagram now functions as a digital marketplace where I’ve bought and sold clothes, discovered new brands, and easily corresponded with fashion curators through the app’s Direct Message feature. Several vintage storefronts like Worship LA, I Am That, and Little Good Shop have created Instagram accounts to access more clients across the country and even internationally. In comparison to a website, an Instagram page allows the viewer to directly message the account directors, fostering a more engaging and user friendly shopping experience. My favorite account to look at for vintage inspiration and thrifted clothes is Courtyard LA. Run by a cute blonde named Alia, her page has risen to notable Instagram status, boasting over 50,000 followers and featuring models like Amy Jarstad and Emma Larsen, despite only being active for a couple of months. In lieu of a store or showroom, Courtyard LA’s vintage buyers simply post “for sale” items on their page and have interested clients comment with their zip code to reserve certain items. Check out the gallery below to view various account favorites of mine and see items I’ve bought through the app! 

Earrings purchased from Allison Ponthier through Instagram. 

Top purchased from Mercy Vintage through Instagram 



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