A Collegiate Aesthetic

In listening to my parents recount memories from their early years together in undergraduate school, my mom always, without fail, brings up my dad's distinct interest in dressing nicely for class each day. She swears that he never wore a pair of jeans to school and in her idealizing descriptions of him also boasts that he owned numerous sweater vests and pairs of brown dress shoes. During the school year I enjoy pulling inspiration from a 1970s "collegiate aesthetic" by wearing cropped trousers, blazers, peter-pan collars and lots of plaid. Muted grays and browns were never hues that I used to incorporate into my wardrobe; however, the worn spines of library books and the rich mahogany seminar tables, staples of any liberal arts college, seem to permeate my color palette whenever I am at school.  

Spring in Ohio this semester has been gentle; whereas I remember preparing myself for the “polar vortex” winter my freshman year, 2017 has proven to be much milder. . .weather wise. It’s about two months into the second term and the consistent 40 degree days have allowed me to wear a light peacoat and cropped slacks. In the absence of snow mounds and the grayish mud that usually cakes the gutters and sidewalks in wintertime, I've also been able to break out my black Camper heels which make me feel extremely professional and, more generally, "put together." 

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