Suit Up

In my closet I accumulate memories. Clothes are often sentimental, as specific items can remind us of the time and place in which they were bought or obtained. Even though plenty of socks and sweaters appear in our drawers almost at random, as if by some supernatural force in the middle of the night, we usually remember where we've acquired our clothes. Everyday I wear a small opal ring on my fourth finger because my mother gave it to me. At nineteen, her first real boyfriend gave her a gold-band opal for their anniversary, and when I was eighteen she gave it to me. Almost religiously, I put it on every morning because I think the idea romantic. The meaning of this piece of jewelry has been reassigned through the exchange, and the idea of my mother passing down a ring that once represented a symbol of her love with David is beautiful to me. While the ring no longer holds the same significance it did when it was given to my mother, it serves as a reminder of this period in her life. However, its connotations have been readapted through my own experience with it. 

My mom handed this DVF jacket down to me and I've been struggling to incorporate it into my wardrobe since it is a piece I wouldn't necessarily have bought for myself.  I am currently in San Diego spending Thanksgiving break with my family, and here, the weather (and culture) permits me to dress less conservatively. Even though my style does not exactly align with the southern California beach aesthetic, I always feel excited to come home and dress for the warmth. These black Zara trousers are such an easy piece to throw on, and I find they go equally well with a sophisticated top or a graphic t-shirt. I have seen models and stylists wearing corset belts over structured blazers and seeing as I have both pieces, I thought I'd get in on the trend. 

My creative friend Dimitri shot and edited these lovely photos this weekend, and we've made it a goal to collaborate much more artistically later this year. Stay tuned.