A Semester at Goodwill

Having spent the past three and a half years at a small liberal arts school in rural Ohio, I feel comfortable admitting I have run out of things to do. Besides the occasional trip into Mt. Vernon to buy a razor or pick up prescriptions from CVS, the small town surrounding Kenyon is in fact very small. In order to get off campus and satisfy an impulse for instant gratification, my friends and I have spent a significant number of weekends out shopping at various Goodwill locations throughout central Ohio. Of course not every trip to Gambier and Centerburg is a complete success but over the past few months I have accumulated some great staples and a few special pieces that I’m sure I will associate with my years at Kenyon for as long as I have them. 

I’ve found that because Goodwill is not like Zara, or other large chains that carry a set collection in every store, it is sometimes more fun, not to mention economical, to shop at consignment places where each location offers a unique selection of items. Even though clothes at Goodwill can be either old and worn or fashionably outdated, the act of sifting through bins and racks of product almost adds an element of challenge to the “routine-ness” of shopping. This aspect of difficulty has forced me to re-engage with fashion and question stylistic choices that I make, especially since haphazardly ordering clothes online from sites like Mango and H&M has become a greater part of my life in recent years. As well, it really feels good to participate in recycling clothing. 

On this particular day, I felt lucky to have found these black vintage framed glasses with thin temples and a white double breasted long sleeve top. The grand total between the two pieces ended up being less than $7. I joked that the white blouse paired with red gingham pants made me look like an American chef, but I have to stay true to myself and own the fact that I love the pointed lace collar with these red high waisted pants. 

Top and glasses (Goodwill); Pants (Brandy Melville); Shoes (Zara).