Feeling Witchy (and indecisive)

Maybe I'm just extremely boring, but wearing a completely sheer black dress over cropped blue jeans is potentially one of the riskiest moves I've ever made, fashionably speaking. I snagged this piece for $29 during an Urban Outfitters sale hoping that it would function as a fun addition to my limited "going out" wardrobe, which currently consists of a backless bodysuit my sister grew tired of and an old black skirt from Zara that has become "mini" since I've grown taller over the  years. When I first tried on this dress with merely a black bralette and high waisted underwear underneath, the outfit looked like a Halloween costume/ beach coverup gone wrong and I also realized I wasn't quite willing to "bear it all" by going completely see-through. So I turned, instead, to mid rise jeans. As a more modest and comfortable choice I was surprisingly pleased with the way this combination turned out. Pairing the look with gold zodiac-inspired jewelry and navy suede boots made me feel equal parts witchlike and refined.

While I do harbor a fondness for the midwest, I am not looking forward to zipping myself into a sleeping bag of a coat and bracing the cold as I go back to college in a couple of days. I know that winter in Ohio is going to leave me longing for the gentle San Diego weather that enabled me to leave the house in a sheer, diaphanous dress and jeans. Like in years past and in the semesters to come, I will survive...even if it means breaking out my puffy, ankle-length Land's End coat that drags in the snow as I walk from one heated campus building to another. 

THE LOOK: Dress (Urban Outfitters); Jeans (Mango); Bra (Urban Outfitters) Necklace (Elk in London); Boots (Similar)