Birkin n' Me


When envisioning the most romantic, fashionable couple of the 1960s I often think of Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg. One of my favorite photos depicts the two of them in 1969 seated at a wooden picnic table outside of a restaurant while drinking wine together and eating, what looks like, apples. The couple matches in long sleeved ivory tops—Serge, in a button down, has his left arm behind Jane who’s wearing a cable knit sweater. A gorgeous red scarf adorns Serge's neck and there’s a red bandana wrapped around Jane’s wrist-- their matching ruby colors create a diagonal that draws their figures together compositionally. The two of them aren’t smiling cheaply, but instead, neither of them are looking at the camera—they're glancing downward at each other’s hands while an air of happy stillness sets around them. This image is what I thought of when I came across a red paisley bandana in my sock drawer this morning. I thought the fabric would add a trendier pop of color to the muted roses and whites of this t-shirt and culottes. I’m still not sure how I feel about the clashing colors of this look but I spent my day feeling like a modern-day Jane Birkin going for both "romantic" and "playful."