Heading Out

I'm not usually an "athleisure" kind of girl, but Frank Ocean's new album has got me feeling some type of way. Ocean released Blonde two days ago and his first track "Nikes" has inspired me to throw on these classic black sneakers. I paired them with a navy blazer and pinstripe shorts to juxtapose the casual shoe against a more "corporate" looking top.

Instead of packing for my cross Atlantic flight (that leaves at 8am tomorrow morning, yikes!) I am laying in bed while editing photos and cradling my cat. Tomorrow I leave for Rome and start a three month art history program where I will take classes in Italian language, art and history. Even though I've technically traveled to Europe, my memories of the 2003 family vacation are fragmented--I recall seeing a bare breast for the first time at a burlesque show in Paris, looking at watercolored poppy fields at Montmartre and I can picture myself eating a salty handful of peanuts outside of a cathedral I don't remember the name of. As of last week I was also accepted as an intern for College Fashionista, which is especially exciting considering that I will be in Europe until December. My official title is "Style Guru" and I will be required to submit one fashion article per month with accompanying street-style photos. I bought myself a Canon to document my experience oversees and I am so eager to write about the differences between American fall fashion and Italian street style. 

THE LOOK: Shoes Nike; Blazer H&M; T-Shirt H&M; Shorts Topshop (Similar) 

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