The Relentless Search

You can ask anyone....I am NOT a pants-wearer, and so, by extension, I'm usually not a "jeans girl." I do love denim in the form of a jean-jacket, vest, button down shirt, or skirt, yet I've never been able to conquer the classic jeans and a tee look. I prefer high waisted and looser fitting clothing in general, so I feel as if I've perpetually been on the hunt for the perfect pair of "mom jeans." When shopping at a Double Agent pop up store in Soho I saw the cutest pair of jeans labeled "Effortless Denim" hanging on a mannequin and decided to test my luck. To my excitement and complete disbelief, the pants didn't look half bad after I tried them on and they looked even better once I slipped on the heels I'd been wearing earlier. I resolved that if I bought them I'd have to dress them up with a silver black belt and a cuffed bottom (to create the relaxed fit) and tall shoes (to finess the total "cropped" look). The rules I had made up in my head seemed easy enough to follow but, for me, this outfit took much more effort than the label once suggested. P.S. I finally gave in to the summertime mule trend and got myself a pair of navy blue wooden ones from J.Crew

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