Off White, On Point

There are few things I would rather do on a Sunday morning than wake up and head to the Encinitas Coast Highway for breakfast and shopping. Perhaps it's because I was raised on Pannikin chocolate croissants or because I took some of my first steps on Moonlight Beach, but I've always felt as if there's nothing better than a morning on the San Diego coast. I remember licking the foam off the top of my mom's Pannikin latte while she wasn't looking and staring in awe as I watched little birds fly in and out of the restaurant (an old renovated train station). However, whether you're in New York City or San Diego, felt hats and black boots just cannot be worn comfortably. I made the mistake of walking around in these cropped Free People pants (that I got on sale btw...originally $78, marked down to $9.95) and nearly melted into my açai bowl. In addition to the insanely good sale price, the off-white color drew me to these because of their versatility and the fact that I can wear this shade through the fall. When you get pants for such a great deal, it's sometimes hard to resist wearing them the day after you buy them--even if it is 75 degrees and sunny outside.

THE LOOK: Pants Free People, Shoes Urban Outfitters , Shirt H&M, Sweater Flashbacks, Belt + Hat eBay