I Don't Speak Chinese

I, like most people who own too much denim, find it very easy to justify buying endless jean jackets, pairs of pants, skirts, and tops in various shades of blue because of its versatility and classic edge. This particular jacket holds a special place in my heart because the flower prints and Chinese stamps remind me of my freshman year Asian Art History class and make me feel like I’m sporting a Southern Song Dynasty hanging scroll. Because the cut is more masculine, mimicking the classic “Mandarin Jacket,” I usually like to pair it with a dress or skirt (like the green suede one pictured here) and a dark shoe.

Whenever I wear this coat I always get the question “What does your jacket say?” and full disclosure, I have no idea what the characters mean—for all I know I could be rocking Chinese profanities down my chest or some really embarrassing phrases….but that’s a risk I’ve deemed willing to take. 

THE LOOK: Jacket (thrift store), Dress Forever 21, Shoes Urban Outfitters, Earrings Forever 21 (similar)