Black is Always A Good Idea

I was a bit nervous about wearing a long black skirt paired with dark heels the day after Fourth of July—it’s 90 degrees outside and theoretically the best time for cropped shorts and sandals. Even though I love feeling like an edgy ballerina, dressed in tulle and checkerboard black and white, I couldn’t help but feel guilty for ditching the “red, white, and blue” aesthetic so quickly. However, my anxieties subsided as soon as I walked into work and found everyone (and I seriously mean everyone) around me dressed in head to toe black. I found myself amongst a sea of platform heels, shift dresses, and sheer tops all of the same color and was immediately reminded that the ever fashionable, always sleek “black” is New York City’s color of choice. 

Interning at Nylon Magazine has made me feel like a real-life Carrie Bradshaw and today I took it one step further by emulating her tulle skirt look from the infamous Sex and the City title sequence. 

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