A Little Party

Coming home for college for the holidays can bring up a lot of old memories as well as old habits. Sometimes winter break is difficult because it disrupts the routine that I've been working hard to establish and maintain while at school. Over the past four months I've gotten into a specific rhythm—I woke up and walked to school in the city at the same time each day, had a handful of lunch spots that I ate at in-between classes, I studied in a particular coffee bar before I walked back to my apartment—and so while heading home has brought a lot of relaxation and fun, the difficulty of “re-entry” should not be understated. A source of anxiety for a lot of college students returning home for break is the possibility of interacting with old high school friends/ acquaintances. 

If you’re like me, you probably put too much pressure on yourself to “impress” with a good outfit. You want to look put together but you don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard—you want to look fashionable and stand out, but let’s face it, you also want to look attractive. My advice for this predicament is simple: less is more when you’ve got a “statement” piece. For this look I played with opposites and pieced together a leather skirt, fuzzy pink jacket and ballet-inspired bodysuit. Although the skirt is leather, it’s modest length and classic trim make the piece equal parts appropriate and edgy. I’ve paired the pleated bottoms with a backless pink bodysuit in order to juxtapose the harsh leather against a soft velvet. Oh, and the "chic Parisian scarf" I'm wearing in these photos is actually a figure skating skirt that I cut, with nail scissors, into a thin strip of fabric and tied around my neck; why buy new when you can #DIY? 

THE LOOK: Bodysuit (Zara), Skirt (Similar), Shoes (Camper), Jacket (Similar

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