Plaid Pants and Rose Petal Macarons

When my parents told me that they would be coming to Europe in November to visit me, the first thing I could think of was Paris. In high school I became exposed to fashion "It Girls" like Jane Birkin, Anna Karina and Brigitte Bardot, which is what sparked my interest in clothes, culture and art history. In tenth grade I read Paula McLain's The Paris Wife and soon afterwards started wearing black wool berets to school and eating rose petal macarons. I listened to Melody's Echo Chamber  and reblogged pictures on Tumblr of Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg kissing on French beaches. Even though I had never been to France prior to this weekend, Paris has always had a special place in my heart. Naturally, for the two days that I was in the "City of Light" I tried to combine my favorite elements of Jane's style into a few outfits--I chose a classic jean look on Sunday and cropped plaid pants on Monday since the weather was a bit cold. 

"Why is it every other person you meet says they're an artist? A real artist doesn't need to gas on about it, he doesn't have time. He does his work and sweats it out in silence, and no one can help him at all." Paula Maclain, The Paris Wife. 

Katilyn PerryComment