Vests in Budapest

In order to take full advantage of my semester abroad I have planned a series of small weekend trips throughout Italy and (occasionally) throughout Europe. This weekend I decided to venture completely out of my comfort zone and split an Airbnb in Budapest, Hungary with 8 girls, 4 of whom were complete strangers to me. As a chronic over-packer, one of the biggest challenges of this weekend trip was to fit all of the clothes and shoes I thought I needed into a small carryon backpack. As per usual, I ended up only removing about 50% of the items from my bag throughout the course of the trip, but it was a fun lesson in “adulting” nonetheless. 

While in Hungary I ate like a queen, which was largely due to the exchange rate between the Euro and the Huf: when I landed in Budapest I withdrew 15,000 Huf (less than 60 Euros) and still had a few hundred left once I headed back to the airport. The first meal that I shared with these new friends, all of whom were so kind and interesting and funny, consisted of grilled salmon with fennel risotto, bread and a glass of white wine. I am still thinking about my Saturday morning cappuccino and vanilla croissant and, later that day, the sun dried tomato and pesto stuffed chicken that I had for dinner along with a traditional Hungarian cheese plate. On Saturday, like most tourists, the 9 of us made our way to the Szèchenyi Thermal Baths and took photos together in front of the elaborately decorated spa buildings and while swimming in the large communal pools. I was able to restrain myself from posting one on Instagram, though; I was not ready to completely conform to the ~American girl Instagramming throughout Europe~ stereotype. The ornate architecture all throughout the city and obvious rich cultural history made Budapest such fun place to spend the weekend. Although brief, I really enjoyed leaving Rome for a few days even just to eat new food, make new friends and experience a general change in scenery. In a few weeks I will travel to Florence to visit the Ufizi Gallery *crying* with my art history class and I could not be more excited! Ciao! 

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