Film Series at Point Dume Malibu, Los Angeles

One of the last projects I worked on before leaving LA was a film shoot with my talented friend Sarah who I met through Brandy Melville. Between my internship and retail job, I feel as though I hardly had time to go to the beach this summer, and so when Sarah asked if I wanted to style and take photos in Malibu before our opening shifts at the store one Saturday morning, I had to agree. Part of not having a car this summer meant that my LA radius was fairly small. Since I mainly commuted to and from work, into downtown Westwood for groceries and dinner, and occasionally to Santa Monica when I had a day off, I'm so happy I was able to see Point Dume before I left the city.

I think Sarah's photography is powerful because she collaborates almost exclusively with her friends, and so she seems to understands what the subject wants to see on the other side of the camera. The tones in these photos are ethereal and ephemeral since they were all shot before 7am.Knowing that I would appreciate the dreamy, ambient beach backdrop, Sarah suggested I wear clothes in whites or cream to cultivate a softer aesthetic.  The overcast softens the edges of each picture so that they seem almost intentionally blurred; that effect is certainly a byproduct of the film medium but I like to think think that the salty ocean fog also had something to do with it. 

In each of the looks here I pulled from my modest collection of vintage pieces: the high-neck top and skirt are both from Instagram (@minimalismvintage and @mercyvintage), I bought the pink tulle slip at a flea market in San Diego, and my bikini bottoms are from Target. 

July Outfit Round-Up

As my favorite month of the year comes to a close, I thought I'd round up some outfits I loved wearing over the past couple of weeks. Most, if not all, of these looks involved eyelet puffy-sleeved blouses, new sunglasses, and Zara shoes. Even though the season isn't over yet, I'm calling it: my best purchase of the summer has been the white Zara mules I bought on sale for $15 (at this point I'm sure the price-per-wear on these shoes is about $0.50). My advice is to never underestimate the power of a unique white heel for the summertime. 

July seemed to be full of thrifting, whether I was sifting through pages of eBay to find a cute wicker basket purse or scouring weekend flea markets in search of the perfect pair of cat-eye sunglasses. Overall, my favorite recent purchases would have to be the vintage 70s white floral dress I got at a thrift store while visiting my family in San Diego and my new favorite sunglasses: an oval-frame pair I bargained for at the Melrose Trading Post. 

Summertime in Tobi x Cheap Tulle Collab

This summer I have been trying to experiment more with layering, fun patterns, and new colors. Since I’ve started working at Brandy Melville I can’t say I’ve been completely converted into a tube-top wearing beach girl but being around scrunchy crop-tops and cutoffs all day has lead me to try some interesting layering combinations.

Here are three of my favorite summer outfits that have one common denominator, Tobi. If you’re familiar with the fast fashion website it’s probably because at some point you’ve been online looking for a plunging bodysuit to wear out or searching for a particularly trendy piece, (i.e. a fringe kimono or an off-the-shoulder top). If you haven’t heard of the site, I would recommend it as a great place to look for cheaply priced, outfit-making pieces, like this short sleeved romper I have so loved this summer. Whether or not you're into wearing bodycon dresses and plunging necklines, both of which I am not, the website has a lot of cute options that will inspire you to layer creatively and get touch with a more “statement” version of yourself. Be sure to shop my looks below! 

Romper (Tobi); Sunglasses (Crap Eyewear); Shoes (Zara). 

Sunglasses (Vogue Eyewear); Shirt: (Tobi); Vintage Levi's (Shorts); Shoes (Zara). 

Blouse (Pixie Market); Dress (Tobi); Bag (eBay); Shoes (By Far). 

12 Picks Under $100 That No One Else Will Have

Over the course of my elementary school years after classes let out for the summer, I fondly remember my mom taking my little sister and I "summer clothes" shopping. Perhaps only rivaled by the joy of picking out a twirly, pastel colored Easter dress, this annual June outing was one of my favorite mother/daughter excursions. The three of us would pack into our SUV on a Saturday morning, pick up chocolate chip bagels with strawberry cream cheese, and head to the mall. My sister and I would sprawl out across the backseats—a pile of bruised, pre-pubescent limbs-—while we tossed Chiclet candies into each others mouths and giggled at the way my mom's oversized sunglasses made her look in the rear-view mirror. Laying in the back together, we'd each pull out our Duct-Tape wallets and compare how much money we'd saved from our allowances to spend on tank tops and Converse for the summer. My sister and I have a sense of complimentary thriftiness since we both learned from my dad's frugality at young ages, which makes her my favorite shopping partner to this day. Because of these memories, restocking my wardrobe throughout May and June holds a nostalgic place in my heart. 

My favorite pieces for this season, displayed below, form a collection of Parisian details, muted colors, and vintage overtones. Even after shopping in Los Angles over the past month, some items that still remain on my "To-Get" list for the summer include: the perfect woven basket bag (preferably a vintage picnic-inspired one), cat eye sunglasses, and high-heel mules. Shop my favorite picks below (all links and credits underneath the image grid). 

SHOP THE LOOK: Pixie Market Mustard High Waisted Shorts ($82); Le Specs The Last Lolita Cat-Eye Sunglasses ($77); Monogram NUDES Classic Fit ($65); Zara Heeled Mules With Bow ($40); Free People Audrey Picnic Basket ($78); Topshop Stripe Glitter Ankle Socks ($4); & Other Stories Mini Floral Print Blouse ($85); Pixie Market Stevie Cut Out Pocket Jeans ($100); Mango Relaxed Cropped Mom Jeans ($60); Zara Block Heel Mules ($16); Free People Workin' Girl Blouse ($78); & Other Stories Lace Up Swimsuit ($55)

L.A. Woman

Drive through your suburbs/ Into the blues, into the blues

On the first morning of my summer commute, which involves taking the LA Metro east and walking a few blocks to Los Angeles’ Pacific Design Center, I couldn’t help but feel the urge to listen to “L.A. Woman.” Morrison’s lyric about a “lucky little lady in the City of Light” certainly resonated with me as I took the elevator up to the sky lobby where I was met by the kindest, most stylish people at Who What Wear. After spending my spring semester networking with fashion industry mentors I’d met through working in New York last summer and applying for various jobs in the industry, I was offered a fashion editorial summer internship at Who What Wear. If you aren’t familiar with the company, it's a website under the Clique Media Group umbrella that publishes content about accessible, shoppable fashion trends. The site is a really great place to look for outfit inspiration, information on celebrity style, runway shows, and sales. As an editorial intern, my tasks thus far have mainly included brand and market research, trend tracking, uploading digital content to the website’s CMS, and I’ve also gotten the opportunity to pitch my own story ideas. My Photoshop skills (which oscillated somewhere between minimal and non-existent upon starting this internship) have also improved a great deal over the past week.

Inspired by “L.A. Woman’s” recurring line “Driving through your suburbs/ Into your blues,” I decided to spend my Sunday afternoon exploring the neighborhoods of Westwood: seeking out azure walls while wearing these high-rise cropped blue jeans. One of the best parts about dressing for the summer is getting to wear white, and, as you can tell by this outfit, I have not been holding back when it comes to bleached accessories. From my new Crap Eyewear vintage-inspired sunglasses with yellow and white trim to these pointy patent boots-- I am here for it this summer.

Vintage Instagram Shopping

Over the years it’s been interesting to see social media platforms diverge from their original function as they bend to meet the creative— and in the case of Instagram, entrepreneurial— inclinations of their users. ( I’m still not sure whether I find it inspiring or concerning that Snapchat is credited as a semi-reliable news source these days). Instagram has evolved from a place where middle school girls once posted grainy selfies and blurry, ill-lit photos of cheesecake and bagels to a space where people can sell products and achieve relative levels of fame and notoriety. Thanks to the “Explore” tab, which I never utilized until a couple of months ago, the app has become a completely new source of fashion inspiration for me.

More than just a place to look for innovative outfits, Instagram now functions as a digital marketplace where I’ve bought and sold clothes, discovered new brands, and easily corresponded with fashion curators through the app’s Direct Message feature. Several vintage storefronts like Worship LA, I Am That, and Little Good Shop have created Instagram accounts to access more clients across the country and even internationally. In comparison to a website, an Instagram page allows the viewer to directly message the account directors, fostering a more engaging and user friendly shopping experience. My favorite account to look at for vintage inspiration and thrifted clothes is Courtyard LA. Run by a cute blonde named Alia, her page has risen to notable Instagram status, boasting over 50,000 followers and featuring models like Amy Jarstad and Emma Larsen, despite only being active for a couple of months. In lieu of a store or showroom, Courtyard LA’s vintage buyers simply post “for sale” items on their page and have interested clients comment with their zip code to reserve certain items. Check out the gallery below to view various account favorites of mine and see items I’ve bought through the app! 

Earrings purchased from Allison Ponthier through Instagram. 

Top purchased from Mercy Vintage through Instagram 



A Collegiate Aesthetic

In listening to my parents recount memories from their early years together in undergraduate school, my mom always, without fail, brings up my dad's distinct interest in dressing nicely for class each day. She swears that he never wore a pair of jeans to school and in her idealizing descriptions of him also boasts that he owned numerous sweater vests and pairs of brown dress shoes. During the school year I enjoy pulling inspiration from a 1970s "collegiate aesthetic" by wearing cropped trousers, blazers, peter-pan collars and lots of plaid. Muted grays and browns were never hues that I used to incorporate into my wardrobe; however, the worn spines of library books and the rich mahogany seminar tables, staples of any liberal arts college, seem to permeate my color palette whenever I am at school.  

Spring in Ohio this semester has been gentle; whereas I remember preparing myself for the “polar vortex” winter my freshman year, 2017 has proven to be much milder. . .weather wise. It’s about two months into the second term and the consistent 40 degree days have allowed me to wear a light peacoat and cropped slacks. In the absence of snow mounds and the grayish mud that usually cakes the gutters and sidewalks in wintertime, I've also been able to break out my black Camper heels which make me feel extremely professional and, more generally, "put together." 

Shop the look: Blouse (Similar); Trousers (Zara); Coat (Madewell); Shoes (Camper); Backpack (Matt & Nat

Feeling Witchy (and indecisive)

Maybe I'm just extremely boring, but wearing a completely sheer black dress over cropped blue jeans is potentially one of the riskiest moves I've ever made, fashionably speaking. I snagged this piece for $29 during an Urban Outfitters sale hoping that it would function as a fun addition to my limited "going out" wardrobe, which currently consists of a backless bodysuit my sister grew tired of and an old black skirt from Zara that has become "mini" since I've grown taller over the  years. When I first tried on this dress with merely a black bralette and high waisted underwear underneath, the outfit looked like a Halloween costume/ beach coverup gone wrong and I also realized I wasn't quite willing to "bear it all" by going completely see-through. So I turned, instead, to mid rise jeans. As a more modest and comfortable choice I was surprisingly pleased with the way this combination turned out. Pairing the look with gold zodiac-inspired jewelry and navy suede boots made me feel equal parts witchlike and refined.

While I do harbor a fondness for the midwest, I am not looking forward to zipping myself into a sleeping bag of a coat and bracing the cold as I go back to college in a couple of days. I know that winter in Ohio is going to leave me longing for the gentle San Diego weather that enabled me to leave the house in a sheer, diaphanous dress and jeans. Like in years past and in the semesters to come, I will survive...even if it means breaking out my puffy, ankle-length Land's End coat that drags in the snow as I walk from one heated campus building to another. 

THE LOOK: Dress (Urban Outfitters); Jeans (Mango); Bra (Urban Outfitters) Necklace (Elk in London); Boots (Similar)

A Little Party

Coming home for college for the holidays can bring up a lot of old memories as well as old habits. Sometimes winter break is difficult because it disrupts the routine that I've been working hard to establish and maintain while at school. Over the past four months I've gotten into a specific rhythm—I woke up and walked to school in the city at the same time each day, had a handful of lunch spots that I ate at in-between classes, I studied in a particular coffee bar before I walked back to my apartment—and so while heading home has brought a lot of relaxation and fun, the difficulty of “re-entry” should not be understated. A source of anxiety for a lot of college students returning home for break is the possibility of interacting with old high school friends/ acquaintances. 

If you’re like me, you probably put too much pressure on yourself to “impress” with a good outfit. You want to look put together but you don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard—you want to look fashionable and stand out, but let’s face it, you also want to look attractive. My advice for this predicament is simple: less is more when you’ve got a “statement” piece. For this look I played with opposites and pieced together a leather skirt, fuzzy pink jacket and ballet-inspired bodysuit. Although the skirt is leather, it’s modest length and classic trim make the piece equal parts appropriate and edgy. I’ve paired the pleated bottoms with a backless pink bodysuit in order to juxtapose the harsh leather against a soft velvet. Oh, and the "chic Parisian scarf" I'm wearing in these photos is actually a figure skating skirt that I cut, with nail scissors, into a thin strip of fabric and tied around my neck; why buy new when you can #DIY? 

THE LOOK: Bodysuit (Zara), Skirt (Similar), Shoes (Camper), Jacket (Similar

Top Beauty Picks For The Makeup Minimalist

I wish I was more adventurous with makeup. I never went through the seventh grade interest in mascara or glittery eyeliner—a delay that has apparently stunted my overall “cosmetics development.” By the time I wanted to wear concealer and eyeshadow for high school dances I was asking my younger sister to show me what primer was and assure me that using an eyelash curler (correctly)  wouldn't hurt. Through my increase in exposure to the fashion industry this year, from interning with NYLON Magazine to writing for CollegeFashionista, I've developed a greater interest in makeup. So, here are my essential pieces for people, like me, who are just now getting into the game. The following are inexpensive and versatile cosmetics for the true makeup minimalist. 


MAC Face and Body

Instead of using concealer I always opt for this MAC Face and body cream. Technically the solution cab be applied anywhere, hence the word "body," and so the adaptable nature of the product creates really light and natural looking coverage that doesn't feel caked on. Because it's not a concealer, the color is much more even and provides a truer match to your skin tone.  The lightness of this foundation will not clog your pores or leave your skin looking shiny after a couple hours of wear. 

Stila HUGE Extreme Lash Mascara

Mascara has always been an issue for me and for years I thought that my application methods were to blame until I realized that I was just using the wrong products. When I received Stila's HUGE Extreme Lash Mascara in one of my Birchbox subscriptions I was skeptical since mascaras had usually left my lashes looking clumpy and too black. The design of this wand makes applying mascara fool-proof and the regal golden tube is just a cute plus!

Sephora Micro Smooth Baked Luminizer in “Light Beam”

I really love the look of a subtle sparkle across the cheekbones, which I discovered can be easily achieved through using a luminizer. The soft rose gold color of the Sephora branded "Micro Smooth Baked" product delicately highlights and leaves your cheeks with an even glow. If you have freckles along the bridge of your nose, like me, I've found that a little sparkle across the cheeks can really compliment the small spots of sun. 

GEN NUDE Matte Liquid Lipcolor by bareMinearls in “Slay”

I remember when my mom bought me my first makeup kit in the ninth grade—it was a foundation set by Bare Minerals and I must say, I’ve been loyal to the brand ever since. In scoping out Sephora for a subtle shade of lipstick I found myself returning to the Bare Escentuals section because of the brand’s reputation as one that sells face, lip and eye makeup in the most "true to color" shades—giving a polished yet understated look. I’m not typically a fan of matte lipstick but I love the smooth application and the ease with which the color stays on my lips. No need for a liner or gloss with this one! 

Glossier Boy Brow

Maintaining a sense of symmetry between my eyebrows has always been a struggle. In middle school I plucked them into thin semi-circles above my eyelids because I thought that that's what I was supposed to be doing. Thanks to the "thick, bold brow" trend that has emerged in magazines and on Instagram in recent years I have since let my brows grow into bushier, less defined shapes. Glossier's "Boy Brow" helps me to darken my naturally light hairs and contribute to a stronger look all around. 

Revlon Cream Eyeshadow Palette in “Wild Orchids”

This cream based eyeshadow makes applying natural looking color extremely easy--there's no need for a special brush and, instead, your index finger serves as the most effective tool. The four color palette is so simple but I love combining the light pink and darker burgundy to create a subdued and soft sparkle along my lids. 

L'Oréal Paris Infallible Shadow in "Amber Rush"

However....if you're going for a more daring, noticeable eye look, this L'Oréal Paris product has got you covered. Each color is only $3.99, and so it's perfectly reasonable to treat yourself to multiple "statement shades" (i.e. "continuous cocoa" and "eternal black") in order to create a more dramatic look with a hint of sparkle. 


Soft Spots

At this point I’m not ashamed to admit that I have reached the phase of my abroad experience where I am longing to go home. Between coming to terms with the amount of work I have yet to finish and realizing how much I miss the familiarities of my family, I have felt discouraged and a bit stuck lately. In times of anxiety and self-doubt, fashion has unfailingly been a way to restore my self confidence and exercise creativity. I find that the worse I feel, the more reason I give myself to dress up—it’s as if experimenting with outfits is a compensatory or distractive measure I assume in situations of high stress. Whether this is good or bad (realistically it’s probably a bit of both) it’s something that went on this past week as I got ready to go out on Sunday afternoon and asked to borrow my friend Charlotte’s leopard print coat. The spots immediately elevated the coziness of my jeans and turtleneck into something bolder and gave me the chance to participate in this winter’s edgiest trend. 

Besides feeling literally swaddled by this jacket, I also found comfort in this look by incorporating sentimental items of my closet: a gold moon pendant given to me by my mom, my sister’s Forever21 turtleneck that I brought with me to Rome and a belt that I picked up at a garage sale in Encinitas. I like combining elements of things both borrowed and bought because the memories of a particular piece often remind me of the person I was when I first acquired it. After taking photos of each other's outfits and wandering around Prati, Charlotte and I finally stumbled upon a cute neighborhood cafe, ordered identical sandwiches and sipped on American coffees, all while further procrastinating our research papers. Delaying your homework doesn't feel quite so bad when you're in good company. 

DETAILS: Coat: Zara, Jeans: Double Agent (similar); Black Slip Shirt: Mango; Shoes: Steve Madden (similar)


Plaid Pants and Rose Petal Macarons

When my parents told me that they would be coming to Europe in November to visit me, the first thing I could think of was Paris. In high school I became exposed to fashion "It Girls" like Jane Birkin, Anna Karina and Brigitte Bardot, which is what sparked my interest in clothes, culture and art history. In tenth grade I read Paula McLain's The Paris Wife and soon afterwards started wearing black wool berets to school and eating rose petal macarons. I listened to Melody's Echo Chamber  and reblogged pictures on Tumblr of Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg kissing on French beaches. Even though I had never been to France prior to this weekend, Paris has always had a special place in my heart. Naturally, for the two days that I was in the "City of Light" I tried to combine my favorite elements of Jane's style into a few outfits--I chose a classic jean look on Sunday and cropped plaid pants on Monday since the weather was a bit cold. 

"Why is it every other person you meet says they're an artist? A real artist doesn't need to gas on about it, he doesn't have time. He does his work and sweats it out in silence, and no one can help him at all." Paula Maclain, The Paris Wife. 

Vests in Budapest

In order to take full advantage of my semester abroad I have planned a series of small weekend trips throughout Italy and (occasionally) throughout Europe. This weekend I decided to venture completely out of my comfort zone and split an Airbnb in Budapest, Hungary with 8 girls, 4 of whom were complete strangers to me. As a chronic over-packer, one of the biggest challenges of this weekend trip was to fit all of the clothes and shoes I thought I needed into a small carryon backpack. As per usual, I ended up only removing about 50% of the items from my bag throughout the course of the trip, but it was a fun lesson in “adulting” nonetheless. 

While in Hungary I ate like a queen, which was largely due to the exchange rate between the Euro and the Huf: when I landed in Budapest I withdrew 15,000 Huf (less than 60 Euros) and still had a few hundred left once I headed back to the airport. The first meal that I shared with these new friends, all of whom were so kind and interesting and funny, consisted of grilled salmon with fennel risotto, bread and a glass of white wine. I am still thinking about my Saturday morning cappuccino and vanilla croissant and, later that day, the sun dried tomato and pesto stuffed chicken that I had for dinner along with a traditional Hungarian cheese plate. On Saturday, like most tourists, the 9 of us made our way to the Szèchenyi Thermal Baths and took photos together in front of the elaborately decorated spa buildings and while swimming in the large communal pools. I was able to restrain myself from posting one on Instagram, though; I was not ready to completely conform to the ~American girl Instagramming throughout Europe~ stereotype. The ornate architecture all throughout the city and obvious rich cultural history made Budapest such fun place to spend the weekend. Although brief, I really enjoyed leaving Rome for a few days even just to eat new food, make new friends and experience a general change in scenery. In a few weeks I will travel to Florence to visit the Ufizi Gallery *crying* with my art history class and I could not be more excited! Ciao! 

First Day, Third Year

I have never been abroad for more than three weeks at a time, and so after living in Rome for almost a month I’ve started to sense my travel routine kicking in with the familiar “it’s time to go home” feeling. It's crazy to keep reminding myself that I have three more months of navigating the public transit system, visiting museums and eating gelato on my way home from school. Today was my first “official” day of class and I am taking Italian 101 (naturally), The Sociology of Rome and two art history courses—one focuses on the works of Caravaggio and Bernini and the other is a survey of Rome’s “eternal glories.” I am most excited for the structure of my art history classes since they both prioritize site visits and split the week into a series of classroom discussions and excursions to museums. On Wednesday of last week our class walked to the San Luigi dei Francesi to see Caravaggio’s work in the Contarelli Chapel. That is another thing that has surprised me about living in Rome— the city is a complete palimpsest and everything is so easily accessible. The Vatican is a twenty minute walk from my apartment, the Colosseum is fifteen minutes from school and one day when I was blindly following my Google Maps in search of the closest Zara I heard an intense flow of water, looked up from my phone and laid eyes on the Trevi Fountain. 

In honor of the first day of classes I wanted to channel my inner school girl with this peter-pan collar and pinstriped shorts. I also have been looking for an excuse to wear some of my favorite white bottoms before the weather gets cooler and labor day rolls around (not that I take those rules to heart in the first place). 

Heading Out

I'm not usually an "athleisure" kind of girl, but Frank Ocean's new album has got me feeling some type of way. Ocean released Blonde two days ago and his first track "Nikes" has inspired me to throw on these classic black sneakers. I paired them with a navy blazer and pinstripe shorts to juxtapose the casual shoe against a more "corporate" looking top.

Instead of packing for my cross Atlantic flight (that leaves at 8am tomorrow morning, yikes!) I am laying in bed while editing photos and cradling my cat. Tomorrow I leave for Rome and start a three month art history program where I will take classes in Italian language, art and history. Even though I've technically traveled to Europe, my memories of the 2003 family vacation are fragmented--I recall seeing a bare breast for the first time at a burlesque show in Paris, looking at watercolored poppy fields at Montmartre and I can picture myself eating a salty handful of peanuts outside of a cathedral I don't remember the name of. As of last week I was also accepted as an intern for College Fashionista, which is especially exciting considering that I will be in Europe until December. My official title is "Style Guru" and I will be required to submit one fashion article per month with accompanying street-style photos. I bought myself a Canon to document my experience oversees and I am so eager to write about the differences between American fall fashion and Italian street style. 

THE LOOK: Shoes Nike; Blazer H&M; T-Shirt H&M; Shorts Topshop (Similar) 

Birkin n' Me


When envisioning the most romantic, fashionable couple of the 1960s I often think of Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg. One of my favorite photos depicts the two of them in 1969 seated at a wooden picnic table outside of a restaurant while drinking wine together and eating, what looks like, apples. The couple matches in long sleeved ivory tops—Serge, in a button down, has his left arm behind Jane who’s wearing a cable knit sweater. A gorgeous red scarf adorns Serge's neck and there’s a red bandana wrapped around Jane’s wrist-- their matching ruby colors create a diagonal that draws their figures together compositionally. The two of them aren’t smiling cheaply, but instead, neither of them are looking at the camera—they're glancing downward at each other’s hands while an air of happy stillness sets around them. This image is what I thought of when I came across a red paisley bandana in my sock drawer this morning. I thought the fabric would add a trendier pop of color to the muted roses and whites of this t-shirt and culottes. I’m still not sure how I feel about the clashing colors of this look but I spent my day feeling like a modern-day Jane Birkin going for both "romantic" and "playful."


The Relentless Search

You can ask anyone....I am NOT a pants-wearer, and so, by extension, I'm usually not a "jeans girl." I do love denim in the form of a jean-jacket, vest, button down shirt, or skirt, yet I've never been able to conquer the classic jeans and a tee look. I prefer high waisted and looser fitting clothing in general, so I feel as if I've perpetually been on the hunt for the perfect pair of "mom jeans." When shopping at a Double Agent pop up store in Soho I saw the cutest pair of jeans labeled "Effortless Denim" hanging on a mannequin and decided to test my luck. To my excitement and complete disbelief, the pants didn't look half bad after I tried them on and they looked even better once I slipped on the heels I'd been wearing earlier. I resolved that if I bought them I'd have to dress them up with a silver black belt and a cuffed bottom (to create the relaxed fit) and tall shoes (to finess the total "cropped" look). The rules I had made up in my head seemed easy enough to follow but, for me, this outfit took much more effort than the label once suggested. P.S. I finally gave in to the summertime mule trend and got myself a pair of navy blue wooden ones from J.Crew

THE LOOK: Pants Double Agent, Shoes J.Crew, Shirt Vocabulary Boutique, Belt & Bag eBay